Chassy Media, llc.


Chassy Media is a full-service Production Company that specializes in feature films, premium documentary films, stand-up comedy specials, animated series, branded content and much more. Our skilled team of award-winning professionals, from writers, directors, producers and editors, work tirelessly with our content partners in order to deliver the highest quality content that best suits their brand and desired execution. We can take your project from inception through creation, budgeting, filming and post-production to network delivery.

Chassy Media Productions has delivered the highest quality documentaries, feature films, animated series and branded content to major networks and streamers globally. Three of our feature documentaries just finished a two-year run on Netflix: Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story, The 24 Hour War (the true story of Ford vs Ferrari at Le Mans) and Shelby American (the Carroll Shelby story). 

We currently have an episodic TV Series based on Willy T. Ribb’s racing career in development with Brian Koppelman (Billions) and Don Cheadle at Showtime. As well as an adult animated series, MR. BIRCHUM, (starring: Adam Carolla to be delivered in early 2024. 

We have also produced multiple feature films, VANQUISH (starring; Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose), MUTI (starring; Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser), and ROAD HARD (starring; Adam Carolla, Howie Mandel, and Iliana Douglas).

Chassy Media has experience in live productions as well. We’ve produced six-live standup specials, (starring: Adam Carolla and featuring: Dennis Quaid, Jay Leno, T.J. Miller, Rob Riggle, William Shatner and Patrick Warburton).

We have also produced Adam’s 4K stand-up special, Not Taco Bell Material, and his Adam Carolla is Unprepared specials filmed in multiple cities. Adam also gave a Master Class presentation on how to start/sell your own podcasts. We were responsible for pitching, finding locations and all aspects of production.

Our staff consists of multiple producers, directors, writers, three staff editors, a sound mixer, and colorist. We work with numerous award-winning Directors of Photography to film our various projects. We have a 3500-square-foot post-production studio and a separate 3000-square-foot shooting studio outfitted with green screens and equipment. We own our own cameras, lenses & lighting gear and have four full editing suites (Adobe & Avid).



the 24 Hour War


Road Hard