The Cars of
Vel Miletich and Parnelli Jones

YEAR 2014

Historic footage as well as recent interviews from Parnelli, Jim Dilamarter and a variety of of other well known mechanics and drivers like Dario Franchitti and Mario Andretti. They tell the stories of how Vel Miletich, Parnelli Jones, and their Vel’s Parnelli Jones (VPJ) Racing team of drivers, engineers, designers, fabricators and mechanics dominated the American automobile racing scene of the 1970s.

From Jones’s humble early career, to the pinnacle of motorsports: back to-back Indianapolis 500 race wins and three consecutive United States Auto Club National Championships. The name “Parnelli Jones” is synonymous with the sport of auto racing. Best known as the winning entrant at Indianapolis with Al Unser and the Johnny Lightning Specials in 1970 and 1971, the Vel Miletich/Parnelli Jones team eventually encompassed several different disciplines of motorsport.

(1hr 33min) HD