The Ceaseless Quest for Victory


Hero, idol, legendary Silver Arrow pilot, only three synonyms for the most successful German automobile racing driver of the first half of the 20th century: Rudolf Caracciola. Born in 1901, Caratsch was allowed to get his license at the young age of 15. Later he won the Mille Miglia as the first non Italian and afterwards was crowned European Champion three times. With his spectacular high speed records he eclipsed his competition. Especially in wet weather, the Silver Arrow by Mercedes Benz and the ambitious Rain Master Caracciola formed an almost invincible unity. While others lost their lives on the race tracks of the world, Caratsch survived dramatic accidents. Neither the worst injuries nor his first wife’s tragic death in an avalanche could keep him from jumping into the cockpit again and again, on the ceaseless hunt for victory.

In this biographical documentary by director Philip Selkirk, the renowned racer – who died in 1959 – candidly tells his life from the first-person perspective and, thus, lends a fresh, rather intimate insight into the motor sport events of the Weimar Republic and the “Third Reich.” Historical images of some unreleased material from the archives of Daimler/Mercedes Benz and Audi (formerly Auto-Union), interviews with contemporary witnesses and family members, sound bites of racing-companions and competitors such as: Manfred von Brauchitsch, Hermann Lang and Bernd Rosemeyer turn this atmospheric, gasoline-soaked film into a unique record of the European motor racing history.

 (1hr 36min) HD